It’s the very first time, that the WA community around the wider topic of CHI is working together in a collaborated fashion. We intend to serve the needs of academics, professionals, students, academics with interest in UX, design, evaluation, implementation, and the study of interactive computing system for human use. We are aware that WA is rather poor in ACM chapters in terms of thematic areas of media technology, multimedia, visualisation, computer graphics, and visualisation. Therefore, we are happy to extend towards these topics to gather a strong local community around these topics. We are happy if we can help them to establish their own communities as well and see our chapter as a starting point for these. ul Acce

About Us

With organising OzCHI in 2019 in Perth/Fremantle for the first time in WA since after 18 years, and due to the locally strong demand for CHI, we decided to harmonise activities and cluster several local universities in professional fashion. OzCHI will be the 2nd OzCHI conference to be held in Western Australia (WA). Artur Lugmayr (Curtin University) was founding these activities together with Eunice Sari (UX-Indonesia), Mark Reynolds (UWA) and Martin Marsek (ECU). We see it as a big achievement to have been able to gather the community and are looking forward for making this chapter strong and build local traction in this domain. We aim at a balanced representation of local universities, as well as industry.

Conference & Activities

Our major conference for 2019 will be OzCHI 2019. Please take a look at our website on http://www.ozchi.org. As part of the conference we will arrange a local chapter activity called WA-CHI.


Membership is pretty straightforward. We do not want to ask for membership fees at this stage, but they might raise to approx. 20-30 AUD in the next years that we are able to keep up with our activities. However, at this point of time our main focus is on gathering the community. We are currently in the process of building up our IT infrastructure. If you want to join, please simply send an email to artur.lugmayr@artur-lugmayr.com with “JOIN WA-CHI” in the subject.


At this stage, and before we have been setting up our infrastructure, please send any requests for membership (or any other) to Artur Lugmayr (artur.lugmayr@artur-lugmayr.com).