Special Events

  • Adventure Tours in WA – more information [here]

Sunday, 1st Dec. 2019: Pre-pre-Conference

  • Workshop: Wine and User Experience Design

Monday, 2nd Dec. 2019: Pre-Conference Day

  • Workshops:
    • Virtual and Augmented Reality for Positive Social Impact
    • Designing Smart for Sustainable Communities: Reflecting on the Role of HCI for Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals
    • EnviroCHI: Advancing Computer Human Interaction for Environmental Science and Education
    • 1st Workshop on Human Technologies and Interaction Design in Outer Space (SpaceUX’19)
    • Workshop on Indigenous HCI
  • Doctoral Consortium,
  • Local Tours and Visits

Tuesday, 3rd Dec. 2019

Conference Day 1:

  • Opening,
  • Sessions,
  • Keynotes

Wednesday, 4th Dec. 2019

Conference Day 2:

  • Sessions,
  • Conference Dinner

Thursday, 5th Dec. 2019

Conference Day 3:

  • Sessions,
  • Posters,
  • Keynote,
  • Closing

Friday, 6th Dec. 2019: Post-Conference Day

Exciting tours in WA – don’t leave already on Thursday evening, you might miss some adventures…