Long Papers

Long Papers can be either submitted as Regular Long Paper, or as a Conceptual Long Paper. Please indicate the category you wish to submit to when you are submitting your papers.

Regular Long Papers

Long research papers should present original research and mature work in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). These papers may describe investigations of user needs or contexts of use, lab-based evaluations or field deployments of prototypes, or other empirical investigations examining the relationship between people and technology.

Conceptual Long Papers

This year we are also inviting long conceptual papers. These papers are grounded in the scholarly literature but, rather than reporting on mature research, they describe new ideas or questions and/or provide reflections on methodological or theoretical challenges the authors have faced. These papers are intended to make a scholarly contribution to the field and to provoke discussion in the OzCHI community.

Submitting Conceptual/Regular Long Papers

  • Long papers should be anonymised and be a maximum of 10 pages (excluding references)
  • They must be submitted using the ACM Conference Proceedings Template
  • If you submit a Conceptual Long Paper, please make sure, that you mark your paper as ‘Conceptual’ paper in the submission system
  • For further information concerning the submission system, and links to paper templates, please see “Submission of your Papers