26/05/2019: “Human and Technologies in Outer Space” will be Dr. Katarina Damjanov’s keynote talk topic…

We are happy to announce the keynote talk of Dr. Katarina Damjanov. She will be talking about Human and Technologies in Outer Space.

Outer space has a special place in considerations of human-computer interactions. After all, they are the main means by which we access its inhuman expanses. The progress of space exploration configures our relations with technologies, propelling them into myriad alien environments. In this talk, I consider outer space as a promising arena of multidisciplinary inquiry into human-computer exchanges, highlighting the ways in which its inhuman setting conditions their unfolding on and off the planet.

Dr. Katarina Damjanov

Katarina is lecturer in digital media and communication design at the University of Western Australia. Her research revolves around considerations of the changing relationships between humans, technologies and environments in the space age. Some of her work features in journals such as Science, Technology & Human Values, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Leonardo, Mobilities and Fibreculture.